Prepare & Digitalize

Collect. Prep. Capture.

Digitally Capture All Invoice Formats


Paper is captured by Advanced OCR, which intuitively reads invoice layouts


Capture technology with AI intuitively reads PDF, Word, and Excel


Capture technology with AI intuitively reads the data PDF


Images are captured with Advanced OCR, which intuitively reads invoice layouts


EDI invoices are captured using capture technology along with AI


XML invoices are captured using capture technology along with AI

Using Artificial Intelligence and Capture Automation, data is intuitively extracted from both paper and emailed invoices. 95% accuracy rates for paper, and a 100% accuracy rate for electronic formats – eliminate manual data entry completely.

Prepare &

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GLBA, Fair Credit Reporting, SEC,
HIPAA, State Mandates and more

Invoice Collection

  • Receives and automates invoices in multiple formats
  • Combines sophisticated high-speed scanning with advanced form identification technology
  • No need to purchase costly equipment and/or software
  • Real-time document tracking with full transparency from point of receipt to delivery

Invoice Preparation

  • Paper and electronic documents are converted to digital images ready for processing
  • Expedited acquisition of documents and images 24/7, using a user-friendly system
  • Audit trails for review at any time ensuring transparency
  • Back-up/redundancy for disaster recovery

Digital Capture

  • Automatically and intuitively detects and learns unique supplier invoices based on their respective layouts
  • Data is extracted into a central dashboard or your ERP
  • 100% accuracy for electronic file formats and 95% accuracy for scanned paper invoices
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive, browser-based interface

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