Match & Approve

Invoices with purchase orders and receipts

Eliminate data entry, have visibility into invoice status, automate the matching of purchase orders, goods receipts and recurring contracts. A modifiable drag and drop approval workflow for exceptions. Mobile expense management and a complete audit trail.

Match &


Any Time.
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Invoice Processing

  • Proven user-friendly and automated invoice processing system
  • Automated workflows take invoices and match them to purchase orders and contracts
  • 24/7 visibility into invoice status on smartphones, tablets or laptops
  • Drag and drop workflows with one-click approvals
  • Eliminates late payments and manages cash outlays

Approval Workflow

  • Invoices are visible in a central dashboard, automatically matched and sent to your ERP for payment
  • Flag invoices or line items and send them to business users for review and approval
  • Approvers get a complete package to review including invoice, PO, goods receipt and messages
  • Automatic notifications and reminders
  • 1-click approval in email and mobile

Intelligent PO Matching

  • Automated purchase order matching with a shared central dashboard
  • Shortens approval cycle by matching invoices, PO's, goods receipts and contract data
  • Matches at the header or line level
  • One invoice can contain items from multiple PO's and one PO can be matched to multiple invoices, whether they have been delivered in part or in full
  • Complete audit trail including messages

Recurring Invoices

  • Electronic contract database that is always accessible and searchable
  • Flexible permissions structure so you can decide who can see what and who should receive processing reminders
  • Avoid spending time authorizing the same monthly invoice every month
  • Complete archive of different contracts with expiration and renewal reminders
  • Self-billing: Datrose automatically creates invoices reflecting contract terms

Expense Management

  • Easy for employees to record their expenses anywhere at any time - photograph receipts with phone or tablet
  • Departments or teams may have different policies requiring specific approval routing or spending thresholds
  • Have an overview of advance payments and reconciliations
  • Automated approval routing
  • Real-time employee expense status
  • Seamless integration with your ERP

Document Archive

  • Manage invoice-related documentation such as vendor onboarding documents
  • Import, archive and send business documents for approval, routed according to predefined flowcharts
  • See document status and control document accessibility
  • Flexible and secure document sharing
  • Documents can be created in the application or imported using a scanning solution or as a feed from your ERP

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