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Datrose brings decades of high-quality experience meeting the needs of both Job Seekers and Employers. We consultatively approach each situation to identify the proper solution and work as a liaison to initiate the handshake of a world class Employee with extraordinary Hiring Managers.

Hiring done right is not for the faint of heart! Good News, Datrose has not only been doing this for Decades, but We’re doing it well! Let us do the heavy lifting and identify the right candidate for your specific need. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Choosing the correct candidate is not simply reading a job description and then matching key words on resumes. It requires experienced professionals who identify skillsets, personalities, and solid work histories and then package them all up for the perfect introduction. You don’t need a “search engine”, You need Datrose.
Contingent Staffing
Datrose is equipped with the necessary tools to deliver all your contract staffing needs, including recruitment, payroll, and employee performance management. We source and identify highly qualified candidates specific to our clients’ requests and assume the role of liable employer, meaning the contract employees work on your site, yet remain our employees. We can supply the management for your contingent workforce or work together with your management team.

The Datrose team takes the time to fully comprehend your business and its staffing requirements. It is our goal to make the hiring process as easy as possible by finding only the most qualified individuals for every position...making hard-to-fill jobs a thing of the past!
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Prompt, High-quality results in a reasonable time
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Affordable; Flexible solution for a fair price
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Efficient; Allows focus on other tasks while Datrose delivers
Direct Placement
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Our Network works for you; We have access to uncapped talent to meet your needs NOW.
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We will tailor this solution to your desire and get you the RIGHT person RIGHT now.
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Cost-effective, dependable process
Our team of skilled and experienced recruiters is dedicated to helping our clients streamline their hiring processes. Based on your specifications, we write an attention grabbing job description then push through multiple sources to ensure the most effect broadcast/post of your job is achieved. Our recruiters filter through numerous resumes, conduct interviews, extend job offers, negotiations, and reference checks before you hire.

Our direct hire recruiters have an average of 10+ years’ experience in their field; it’s what they do!
Payrolling Services
Do you already have the talent in place for a project but are experiencing payroll concerns due to potential liabilities? If your contingent workforce program is adding unnecessary stress, risk, and financial pressure to your business, Datrose’s Payrolling Services can offer you the administrative relief you need.

Datrose is here to help simplify and streamline your management process with our comprehensive Payrolling Services. By allowing us to take on the responsibility of accurate payroll reporting, including tax withholdings, employee benefits, and more, we can help your organization save time, money, and minimize risk.
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  • Eliminate Paperwork
  • Lower Markups
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Pre-employment Screenings and Security Clearances
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services do staffing companies provide?

Staffing companies offer a wide range of employment-related services, including temporary and contract staffing, recruiting and permanent placement, outsourcing and outplacement, and human resources consulting.

How long do people hold temporary Jobs?

While specific jobs may last from a few hours to several years, the best estimate for the average tenure of temporary and contract employees is just under three months. (Source: American Staffing Association, 2014 Staffing Employee Survey)

What kind of pay and benefits do temporary and contract employees receive?

To attract the most qualified employees, staffing firms offer highly competitive wages and benefits. The average temporary or contract employee earns around $17 per hour. Some earn more than their permanent counterparts. Many staffing companies offer health insurance as well as vacation and holiday pay, and some offer retirement plans. Virtually any temporary or contract employee who wants benefits can find a staffing firm that offers them. (Source: American Staffing Association, 2014 Staffing Employee Survey)

What type of assignments do staffing companies offer?

Jobs range from skilled trades to degreed professionals and are available in virtually all occupations.

Why do companies partner with staffing companies for specific needs?

Organizations seek the services of staffing firms for workforce flexibility to keep fully staffed during busy times. Contract employees can effectively address labor fluctuations and staff vacancies, assist with project-based work, help with fluctuations with business project management, assist with software conversions, and address other critical challenges.

Whether it is a contract job lasting a few months or several years—or a permanent placement—staffing companies allow businesses to adjust their workforces to meet their changing needs.

The types of positions that staffing firms fill are exceedingly varied, and range from contract and project-based work, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire placements in a wide variety of environments.

Is it possible for me to hire one of the contract employees provided? If so, what is the process?

Yes, staffing firms allow clients to hire a temporary or contract employee as a permanent member of their teams. This process varies by staffing firm, but a placement fee may be negotiated with the staffing firm to complete the hiring process.
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