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Smart Lockers RETAIL
Smart LockersRETAIL
How It Works
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The Benefits

Increase In-Store Foot Traffic

Retailers can increase foot traffic in their stores that they would otherwise lose with online orders. Online shopping has drastically reduced the amount of impulse purchases by customers. Smart Lockers bring customers into your store, making it much easier to achieve additional sales via well placed advertisements and/or upselling.

Increased Employee Productivity

No more long lines for order pickup. Smart lockers reduce the workload of your customer service staff, allowing them to focus more time and energy on other high priority tasks.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Many retailers use their brick and mortar stores to fulfill ecommerce orders. Having a local pick-up option for customers can drastically reduce shipping costs when compared to fulfillment from a centralized location.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers appreciate smart lockers because the customer does not need to interact with staff or wait in lines to pickup their orders. Customers can collect their package when it is most convenient for them and be on their way.

Improve Security

Our smart locker and mailroom software solutions offer a complete chain of custody and security feature to make sure deliveries are never lost!


Smart locker systems integrate seamlessly with the use of an API.
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