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How It Works
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Order is placed on online
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Courier loads package into community smart locker
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Resident gets a notification that a package is ready for pickup
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Resident picks up package from smart locker using mobile app or 5 digit code
The Benefits

Increase Resident Satisfaction

By giving residents access to smart lockers, you are showing them that you are invested in their well-being and security. Residents are alerted via mobile app, text message or email when they have a package ready for pick-up, allowing them to retrieve packages at their leisure.

Improve Security / Reduce Theft

Porch piracy is growing at an exponential rate. With smart lockers, porch piracy can be a thing of the past, through complete chain of custody tracking and Smart Locker implementation.

Enhance Your Brand / Increase Value

Smart lockers help you stand out as a community committed to providing value for its residents. Smart lockers can be advertised as yet another amenity when speaking with people searching for a new place to call home.


Many multi-family communities have elected to offer their residents a smart locker solution. Residents can opt-in to use the community smart lockers by paying a fee of your choice. This allows you to recover your investment while providing your residents a safe and effective way to shop online.
Making Community Living More Secure
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