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Smart Lockers CORPORATE
Smart LockersCORPORATE
How It Works
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Employee places order online
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Courier delivers to company mailroom
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Employees get a notification to pick up their items
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Employee picks up items from in-office lockers
The Benefits

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Keep employees happy by giving them the option to have their online orders delivered securely to the office. Employees will feel comfortable knowing their packages are safe and waiting for them at home.

Hiring Tool

Impress interviewees by showing off your smart lockers as an employee benefit. Smart lockers differentiate you from others in your space and enhance your brand.

Reduce Attrition & Shrink

The more benefits you provide your employees, the more likely they are to feel appreciated and stay both connected and engaged. Smart lockers also assist in lowering your shrinkage by reducing lengthy time spent away from the office retrieving packages.
Reduce Shrink. Increase Employee Satisfaction.
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