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Datrose Smart Lockers provide a secure package storage solution with integrated technology that automates package receipt, notification, and distribution.
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Once a package is deposited into our smart locker system, the recipient is automatically alerted via mobile app, email, or text that they have a package ready for pickup.

With our rapidly changing social landscape and the increasing amount of packages being shipped on a daily basis, the sorting and distributing of packages becomes increasingly important.

Datrose understands these trends and is partnering with universities, business owners, college mailrooms, and corporate offices to create a more touch free, streamlined, and efficient package delivery process.

Datrose Smart Lockers are the best in the industry and offer you a modular, future proof, and responsible approach to your packages.
Key Benefits

Flexible Modular Design

Integrated Hardware & Software

Enterprise Grade Security & Analysis

Mobile Status Notifications

24/7 Customer Support

iOS & Android Mobile Applications

Complete Chain of Custody Tracking

Customized Graphic Skins

Select from any of our four standard locker colors, or customize your system with custom paint, wraps, or branding.
Infrared scanner to detect packages in each locker
Built-in 24/7 cloud based video surveillance
Refrigerated lockers keep groceries, pharmaceuticals and temperature sensitive items cool
Multi-sized lockers accept most sized packages and full ADA compliance support any use
Easily manage deliveries with our mobile app
Smart Locker Technology
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APIs & Integrations

Our APIs allow partners to use our smart lockers in a head-less way where all interaction is controlled by the partner application, including locker remote control, user data management, bulk data extraction, etc.
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Technology Architecture

Our development team has created technology that can be integrated in partner delivery applications or customer-facing application services.
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Security & Scalability

The logistics and delivery platform provides a complete chain of custody and security for the end user. Your company can grow its infrastructure with our network of smart lockers connected to the cloud.
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Development Architecture

Your customer data is safely encrypted in GCP CloudSQL with hourly backups to ensure information is always up-to-date.
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Agnostic Hardware Platform

Smart Locker Delivery Operating Systems (L-DOS) and leading cloud platform enable secure last-yard delivery of goods to leading hardware manufacturers.
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Reporting & Analytics

Get real time data on your logistics operations. Use the automated reporting features with real-time updates and feeds, for clear insight into how many packages are being delivered to specific locations over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Smart Lockers, Parcel Lockers, Package Lockers and Mail Lockers all the same thing?

Yes, while often referred to as one of the above, Smart Lockers can be used to safely and conveniently store, support and streamline all your package or mail needs.

What are the key benefits of Datrose Smart Locker Solutions?

  • Flexible and modular design - our solutions are customized to meet your size and space needs
  • Enterprise grade security & analytics
  • 24/7 US Based Customer Support
  • iOS & Android Mobile Applications
  • Complete chain of custody tracking
  • Mobile status notifications
  • Customized graphic skins
  • Prices vary based on your unique needs
  • Shipper Agnostic (USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, Amazon)

How does the package; drop-off / pick-up process work?

Couriers or mailroom staff load packages into the Smart Lockers by simply scanning package barcodes or entering recipient information. Once locker door is closed, recipient is notified a package is ready. Notifications are sent via email, text, or mobile app. Notifications can be staggered to serve as continuous pickup reminder. Once the recipient arrives at the lockers to pick up their package, they open the locker door touch-free via mobile app or entering a unique 5-digit code from text or email.

Can smart parcel lockers integrate with my e-commerce or building management software?

We have extensive REST-based APIs running in the cloud available to support many different types of integrations. Our customers and partners utilize these APIs for many different use cases ranging from integrating with backend systems to completely controlling the smart lockers with their own applications.
  • Locker Remote Control & Management APIs
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • User Data Management APIs
  • Package Management and Tracking APIs
  • APIs for integrating with custom applications
  • Bulk Data Extraction (APIs, Scheduled Jobs, sFTP and other options

Can smart package lockers be placed outside of my building?

Our outdoor smart lockers are built with heavy-gauge steel and include a weather shelter and extra weather stripping. This solution is ideal if you have indoor space constraints, want to encourage social distancing, or are implementing round-the-clock contactless delivery options. The main console including add-ons, mail, refrigerator, freezer, and ambient units are all available in an outdoor option.

Are refrigeration/freezer smart lockers available?

Yes! We have Smart Lockers built for grocery, meal kit, and medical delivery services. Our refrigerated are temperature-controlled and insulated. They can be adjusted to accommodate for frozen items as well.
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