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Datrose Mailroom Automation solutions are designed to support any size mailroom and scale as your business needs change. With the number of packages being sent through the mail growing at an exponential rate, it’s becoming increasingly costly and difficult to effectively manage traditional mailrooms.

With our 40+ years of business process expertise; utilizing Smart Locker Solutions, High Density Mailroom Systems, and Automation Software, Datrose can help you reduce administrative costs, improve efficiency, and positively impact your customer satisfaction.

Mail & Package Room Management

From delivery to receipt, verify & track incoming and interoffice mail and packages, instantly.
Our U.S. based customer support team is available 24/7 to exceed Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets.
Automated Mailroom Software
transforms any size room into a secure package delivery center


Forget about recording deliveries manually. When a package comes in,just unlock your smartphone and scan the recipient's name and tracking barcode. Our Mailroom Software takes ca re of the rest in less than 5 seconds.

Multiple Packages

More packages doesn't have to mean more time. Using rapid entry mode, you can enter their name just once and quickly scan all of their packages in a fraction of the time it would take you to record every one individually.

Chain of Custody

A complete chain of custody including recipient signature. If you aren't available to pick up your package, no worries. You can delegate someone else pick it up for you. Our Mailroom Software will track the entire transaction.

Detailed Analytics

Best in class reporting and predictive analytics to maximize mailroom efficiency and track complete chain of custody. Get real-time locker utilization status (empty or full) and track deliveries by the minute.

Smart Locker Utilization

Smart lockers can further enhance the efficiency of your mailroom by combining comprehensive mailroom software and 24/7 package drop-off and pick-up capabilities.
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Secure mailroom

High Density Mail Systems

High Density Mail Systems provide high capacity storage for your mailroom. We offer a wide range of space-efficient and automated storage solutions that reclaim floor space and greatly improve workflow.
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