What is SeaPort-e?

The United States Navy uses an electronic system called SeaPort-e for acquiring support services. There are over 2,400 companies such as Datrose that have been selected as approved vendors under the SeaPort-e IDIQ multiple award contract vehicle to provide services and support in specific functional areas. In total, this IDIQ covers the following 22 functional areas through seven (7) geographic purchasing zones.

The functional areas are:

  1. Research and development support
  2. Engineering, system engineering, and process engineering support
  3. Modeling, simulation, stimulation, and analysis support
  4. Prototyping, pre-production, model-making, and fabric support
  5. System design documentation and technical data support
  6. Software engineering, development, programming, and network support
  7. Reliability, maintainability, and availability support
  8. Human factors, performance, and usability engineering support
  9. System safety engineering support
  10. Configuration management support
  11. Quality assurance support
  12. Information system development, information assurance, and information technology support
  13. Ship inactivation and disposal Support
  14. Interoperability, test and evaluation, trials support
  15. Measurement facilities, range, and instrumentation support
  16. Acquisition logistics support
  17. Supply and provisioning support
  18. Training support
  19. In-service engineering, fleet introduction, installation and checkout support
  20. Program support
  21. Functional and administrative support
  22. Public affairs and multimedia support

Who can use SeaPort-e?

Navy commands such as NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, NAVFAC, NAVSUP, the Office of Naval Research, Military Sealift Command, and the United States Marine Corps.

How to Use the SeaPort-e Contract Vehicle

For specific information on how to Buy services via the Navy SeaPort-e contract vehicle, please contact our team here (Link this to the Points of Contact below) or visit the official SeaPort-e website at:

Contract Information

Prime Vendor: Datrose
Contract: # N00178-16-R-4000
Award Date: August 2016

Points of Contact

Program Manager: Cheryl Leader

Contract Support Specialist: Eunice Sonneville

Functional Areas Covered by Datrose

3.20 - Program Support

Datrose currently provides Procurement Support Services for IBM Global Services. Datrose employees act as the primary interface with IBM suppliers, procurement staff and requesters to purchase goods and services. Duties include: Communicating with suppliers relative to invoicing discrepancies and adherence to IBM guidelines, representing IBM in conjunction with ethical standards and business conduct guidelines, extensive customer and supplier interaction. Datrose has the ability to implement this type of procurement model on a nationwide basis. This solution is scalable, supporting large or small procurement requirements. The support we provide allows our client to streamline the acquisition process and find cost savings through expert analysis.

Civility Management Solutions is currently supporting the DOT/FMCSA Office of Finance with Administrative Assistants and Post Award Grant Specialists. Our personnel are on-site and provide support to include: preparing and editing correspondence, communications, presentation and other documents; file and retrieve documents and reference materials; maintain and manage executives’ schedules, appointments and travel arrangements; answer and manage incoming calls; and to liaise with internal staff at all levels. Our personnel also provide support in the area of Post-Award Grant activities through the development/implementation of detailed grant monitoring and oversight procedures; and assisting in the development and implementation of a thorough grant program review process.

Pathfinder Consultants manages a program portfolio spanning up to 100 separate initiatives, projects, and programs for the VA. Pathfinder demonstrates on this multi-year, current contract all aspects of program support including: Strategic Planning; Integrated Master Schedules; Budgeting and Budget Execution Support; Contract and Acquisition Support and Strategies; Project Management Support; Program Review and Oversight Monitoring Support; Documentation and Repository Management; Return on Investment, Earned Value Management, Cost Estimating, and Performance Data Analyses. We have demonstrated our ability to plan for and support a complete reorganization of the National MASINT office.

Pathfinder specializes in this area and has more than half of its senior managers certified as PMPs, with several others bringing more than 20 years’ experience in project or program management. The Team also brings personnel from several disciplines from attorneys, acquisition specialists, ISD leaders, general management for administrative and logistical tasks, and information technologies.

3.21 - Functional and Administrative Support

Datrose currently provides full-time, daily administrative support services to 161 Lockheed Martin Senior Staff members. This work is in direct support of several DoD projects. Current level of effort includes: 80 Datrose employees (29 with secret level clearances) and 4 Program Managers, spread across two sites (NY & VA) providing administrative support including the following: Administrative and Clerical Support, Lobby Receptionist, Mail Services, Secured Lab Technicians and Contract Support Services.

Datrose has been a trusted supplier of professional services to IBM across multiple facilities throughout the United States since 1976. Using a staff of 32 employees, the following services are provided; travel expense accounting and accounts payable for all domestic, payroll support, procurement support and secretarial and clerical assignments.

PSRI Tech provides a variety of administrative and clerical staffing services to GSA. All staff currently resides at GSA’s client site.

The Datrose Team

Team member name - Functional Area of Support

Task Orders

The following task orders have been awarded to Datrose.