Case Studies

Fortune 500 Technical Call Center


  • Not consistently meeting customer service level agreements
  • High cost, low return
  • Unable to concentrate on strategic initiatives


  • Datrose outsourced on-shore technical call center solutions


  • Turnover rate of 4.2%
  • Show Rate of 98.5% (Absenteeism of 1.5%)
  • 42% increase in utilization
  • 2012 year to date cost savings of $542,138
  • Decreased downtime by introduction of remote device monitoring to identify and resolve system problems prior to failure
  • Reduced training time from 9 weeks to 6.5 weeks


Predictable, consistent, low cost technical call center solutions

"Moving to Datrose brought greater cost efficiencies to our company. They offer the flexibility to meet our rapidly changing business environment. Datrose is a true business partner that meets our customers' needs."

Technical Support Contact Center
Fortune 500 Company

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