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Smart lockersWith the 2021 school year coming up fast, it’s time to make sure your university’s staff is ready to take on the influx of students that will be returning this fall. With so many coming back to campus, it’s important to consider how you can improve conditions and facilities for employees working in the mailroom. There are a few ways smart lockers can make life much easier for university employees:

  • Help streamline how your university receives and organizes packages. There’s no need to have employees spend valuable hours processing hundreds of parcels or dealing with lost items. Couriers can deposit packages directly into a locker for students to pick up, or staff can simplify intake and sorting by using the smart lockers’ point-and-scan system.
  • Eliminate manual notification processes. With a simple email or text, the smart locker system will automatically alert a student if they’ve received a package. Since smart lockers offer complete chain of custody tracking, staff don’t have to inform individual students they have a parcel waiting or deal with frequent inquiries as to the status of a package delivery.
  • Avoid the need to schedule staff for awkward late night or early morning shifts. Students can access smart lockers 24/7, and constant video surveillance means top-notch security. Switching to smart lockers offers both improved accessibility for students and relief for university staff that may otherwise be required to man mailrooms at inconvenient times.

University staff and students alike will appreciate the improvements that come with installing smart lockers in your mailroom. With a modern and secure package management system, messy, inefficient mailrooms and disgruntled employees can be a thing of the past.

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