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two women interviewing one womenBy: Adam Hartman - Staffing Manager

Businesses of all sizes have been struggling to navigate the “new normal” in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past several months, many companies have had to move their workforces remote, furlough employees, or release large portions of their workforce indefinitely in order to stay afloat financially. No doubt the decision to send on-site teams remote presents a wide variety of challenges and obstacles. There are individuals who likely transitioned easily while others are still struggling to find balance and structure. Many states are now relaxing the restrictions and moving into new “phases” and we have to ask ourselves as we look to move forward, “Do we adopt this current model and stay remote to prevent future spread?”, “Should we go back to work how it was before and be thankful that the nightmare is ‘over’?” or “Will we look to find a healthy mix of both; leaving some folks remote and others in office?” Regardless of what questions you may be asking yourself; Datrose can help you identify staff that will thrive in these unprecedented times.

Similar to others in the staffing and recruiting space, Datrose has seen delays in background checks, education checks, and drug screens as the staff for these processes have been reduced or temporarily halted while our nation is frozen in uncertainty. Many companies have had to re-evaluate their growth plans, and many have stopped hiring altogether as they get to a place where they can clearly see what will become of the enterprises they have worked so hard to create. Datrose was fortunate to come to this place quickly due to our excellent leadership and the swift action they have taken in recent months. We have begun to see many changes for the positive! 

Datrose has seen several companies announce that they will allow some of their workforce to continue remote working permanently. We have had some who have even put out new contracts for strictly “remote” support professionals in large numbers as they look to launch new Customer Care Call Centers. There are significant cost savings involved in not having to pay for a facility, maintenance team, utilities, etc. The process of sourcing remote individuals does not change too drastically for our recruiting team and we can make minor adjustments to the process to ensure that our clients get the quality candidates they require in a timely manner.

We have also had customers who have not stopped hiring for on-site technicians and support as they cannot operate remotely. They have had to initially adjust and modify their interview process in order to accommodate the restrictions that the virus created; this has proven to be manageable but has required much effort to navigate. We are now seeing face-to-face /in-person interviews returning and the delays for pre employment screenings have lessened. 

Whether you find yourself in need of bringing in new onsite staff or chose to build upon your remote team, Datrose is here to support you. Contrary to the thought process that many would rather stay home and collect an unemployment check, there is a HEALTHY market of job seekers that are ready to come work for you on-site or from their prepared home office. The staffing and recruiting professionals at Datrose would love the chance to discuss how we can work together to bring you the talent you need in these unprecedented times. We will see how this COOLS down or HEATS up in the coming months; but in the meantime, let Datrose help you set the temperature!!!

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