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Local chef picking up food from a retail smart locker in the United States.In response to the COVID-19, online grocery shopping and curbside pickup options have accelerated in a way that is unprecedented. Consumers are utilizing delivery, curbside pickup, and BOPIS options to meet the unique social distancing needs of the times.

According to the Coresight Research Online Grocery Survey 2020, Of 1,152 consumers polled, 52% had bought groceries online in the past 12 months.

This is the first time ever that more than half of respondents had done so. The amount of people who order groceries and place food orders online has more than doubled in the past two years alone.

This rapid shift in consumer behavior has been catalyzed greatly by COVID-19 outbreak. One of the greatest challenges for the food industry is adapting to social distancing, all while keeping orders fresh and expediting the order fulfillment and pick-up process.

Smart Lockers by Datrose empower food industry businesses and customers alike by providing a convenient, secure, and touch-free option to pick up their orders. By installing smart lockers in your grocery store or restaurant, you are creating a dedicated space for your customers to pick up their orders at peak freshness, all while remaining socially distant.

This is what the order fulfillment and pick-up process looks like with an integrated smart locker solution:

  1. Customer places order via online portal or by calling ahead.
  2. Employees prepare/fill the order and deposit into a smart locker dedicated to each specific order.
  3. Our Smart Locker software integrates with your third-party e-commerce portal, which alerts the customer that their order is ready for pickup automatically via text, email, or our mobile app.
  4. Customer uses their unique 5 digit code or mobile app once they arrive at the smart locker to retrieve their order.

This process eliminates the bottleneck effect of multiple people waiting to pick up their order at the same time. Once a customer is alerted that they have an order ready, they can pick up their order at their convenience without having to physically exchange money or interact with other people.

Not only does this improve the customer experience and promote social distancing, it greatly reduces time and labor required by those preparing the order. No more need to worry about searching through the receipts on multiple orders behind the counter while hungry customers stare at you from across the counter. No longer will employees need to worry about alerting the customer that their order is ready and babysit that order until the customer has the time to retrieve it. Simply prepare the order and let our smart locker technology do the rest.

Our smart locker systems are specifically built to meet the needs of grocery, meal kit, and food industry services. We have temperature-controlled and insulated smart lockers that can be adjusted to accommodate chilled and frozen items, ensuring orders remain at peak freshness until they can be picked up and enjoyed by your customers.

Datrose wants to be a partner in each of our clients growing success, not just a smart locker vendor. We will consult with you on a smart locker configuration to meet your unique needs, but more importantly we will consult with you on best-practices and ways to adapt your food service to the “new normal”.

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