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Nick, a veteran who joined Datrose to help ease the transition for returning service members.Following the main keynote presentation, a full room heard powerful success stories from four service providers during an afternoon breakout session. Participating in the panel discussions were GISA 2020 recipients Sutherland and Televerde along with Eclaro and Datrose.

Jessica Custer, Manager of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC), shared the work the global network of over 70 organizations is doing to build more inclusive supply chains, including developing the Impact Sourcing Standard to help companies incorporate impact sourcing directly into their policies and practices.

Accompanied by a military veteran who recently joined the Datrose team, company President and COO Cheryl Leader talked about the pledge the firm has made as a member of the GISC to hire 35 veterans in 2020.

Underemployment is a huge problem transitioning veterans face when returning from service and Leader spoke about the incredible value veterans have brought to their organization since 1971.

“Veterans are committed to the mission,” she said. “They are natural leaders and team players. They will not give up until their work is done.”

In addition, many veterans have budgeting experience and 60 percent have security clearance, a valuable skill that can take over a year to obtain, Leader noted.

Nick, the veteran who joined Leader, serves as a great advocate and helps ease the transition for returning service members and connects them with resources, including using LinkedIn to gain connections.

Datrose assists with career path guidance, including mock interviews, resume assistance and training other employers on hiring veterans.

“Our nation does not do a good job of transitioning our veterans who served our country,” Leader said. “We are taking that challenge on.”


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