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COVID-19 graphic of the virus.
The last-mile of a package's journey normally looks something like this…

  • Couriers leave a large amount of deliveries at the mailroom or reception counter.
  • Mailroom employees then handle and sort these deliveries to prepare them for pickup.
  • Finally, recipients wait in congested lines to retrieve their packages, which have already changed hands several times at this point.

This process is inefficient and poses an enormous public health risk. Every time a package encounters the courier, mailroom staff, or public surfaces, the risk of cross-contamination is increased exponentially.

Smart lockers can greatly reduce the amount of touches a package receives on the way to it’s final destination.

Smart lockers allow couriers to drop off packages directly into a secure compartment dedicated to that delivery alone. Once a package is delivered, the recipient is alerted via mobile app, text, or email and can retrieve their package or order without having to wait in congested lines. The locker door can even be opened touch-free using the mobile app.

The bottom line – The less people/surfaces come into contact with the package, the lower the risk of pathogen transmission.

See below for some information on how long COVID-19 can live on various surfaces:

  • Wood: Desktops, Furniture, Tool handles (4 Days)
  • Copper: Pennies, Cookware (4 Hours)
  • Aluminum: Soda Cans, Mailboxes, Golf Clubs (2-8 Hours)
  • Glass: Windows, Mirrors, Drinkware (Up to 5 Days)

To reduce your chance of spreading or contracting COVID-19, make sure you clean and disinfect ALL surfaces and commonly used objects in your home or work space on a daily basis.

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