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Grabbing food from a yellow smart locker with it's door open.1. Improve Security / Reduce Theft

Porch piracy is growing at an exponential rate. With smart lockers, porch piracy can be a thing of the past. Smart lockers provide full chain of custody tracking from the moment a package is shipped, until it is deposited into the smart locker. The recipient is provided a unique 5 digit code to access their package, or they can open the locker via the mobile app.


Smart Lockers are easy to use and can be accessed by anyone. Our lockers are intuitive and utilize a user-friendly mobile application. The lockers and the interactive touch screens are ADA compliant, so no one is excluded from use

3.Health and Safety

Smart Lockers are clean and help keep people healthy in these times of social distancing. No need for any unnecessary handshakes, crowded rooms, or long lines. Users may open their lockers hands free via the mobile app and easily retrieve their packages whenever is most convenient for them.

4. ROI

Many multi-family communities in particular have elected to offer their residents a smart locker solution on a subscription basis. Users can opt-in to use the community smart lockers by paying a fee of your choice. This allows you to recover your investment while providing your residents a safe and effective way to shop online and manage their mail.

5. Stay Informed

 Our smart locker systems are great at letting people know what is going on with their packages. Our lockers will notify you as soon as a package is ready for pickup by an alert from our mobile app, text, or email. Administrators can also sent automated messages to remind people that a package is ready for them.

6. Shipper Agnostic

One of the biggest reasons people are attracted to our smart lockers is they can accept packages from many different carriers and retailers. No need for a variety of different systems to be able to accept a wide range of couriers.

7. 24/7 Access

 No need to worry about making it home from work in time to collect your package from the mailroom before it closes, or hoping your package will still be safe on your front porch. Smart lockers keep your valuables safe and secure until you are able to retrieve them.

8. Smart Lockers are modular, and fully customizable.

Everyone has different needs. Some people use smart lockers to deliver mail for a campus or residential community, and others use them for online grocery orders. Lockers come in a range of sizes to accommodate any purpose. There are also refrigerated units available to safely store grocery deliveries. Custom graphics can be applied to the lockers to further enhance your brand.

9. Environment

Smart lockers can have a positive long term effect on the environment. In particular, smart lockers help to cut down on emissions generated by couriers. Couriers can deliver to a single smart locker system instead of driving around to each address individually, reducing fuel consumption drastically.

10. Detailed Reports and Analytics

Get real time data on your logistics operations. With real-time updates and feeds, you can get clear insight into how many packages are being delivered to specific locations over time. Rest assured that you’re always connected to what’s happening with live updates and 24/7 customer support.

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