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The Last Mile blue puzzle piece. The Last Mile – What Is It?

Simply put, last mile delivery is the movement of goods from a warehouse or transportation hub to its final destination. The goal of last mile delivery is to deliver items to the customer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Last Mile Problem

The problem with the last mile in the delivery process is that it is expensive, inefficient,and time consuming. According to The Business Insider, the last mile in the delivery process comprises over 53% of the total shipping cost.

The last mile is critical to customer satisfaction and overall brand experience . Customers expect low shipping costs and a high level of customer service, this puts an immense amount of pressure on businesses to be as efficient as possible. A failure at any point in the shipping process is ultimately the fault of the retailer in the eyes of the consumer.

The Last Mile Solution

Smart Lockers are the solution to many last mile problems.

Couriers will see cost savings that come from being able to consolidate their deliveries and reduce the amount of failed deliveries. Smart lockers eliminate the need for a signature because only the package recipient has the code to the locker that contains their package. This is important because most of the time a delivery fails it is due to lack of signature.

The consumer benefits from the convenience of 24/7 package retrieval and the security of smart lockers. This improves overall customer satisfaction and their attitude towards the retailer and couriers alike.

The environment benefits overall because fewer fossil fuels are being burned on last mile deliveries. With over 20.5 million packages being shipped each day, finding ways to make the last mile more efficient becomes increasingly important.

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