4 Low Cost Ways to Boost Workplace Positivity

Employees are the backbone of any company; the most valuable assets, and the key to a successful, productive, and long-lasting business. Employee potential is limitless under the right conditions, but when a workplace environment turns sour, their potential may go unrealized or repressed. While large corporations like Google and Facebook make headlines with cutting-edge, creative, and expensive ways to boost positivity, foster workplace happiness, and grasp the full potential of their employees, smaller businesses and start-ups simply do not have the financial ability to mimic their tactics. Below are four, low-cost practices for boosting workplace happiness and positivity to tap your employees’ underlying potential.

  1. Make Each Employee Feel Important to the Team

When each member of your team feels equally valued and important, whether they’re the office cleaner or the chief creative officer, they are more likely to produce higher quality results and contribute to a positive, inspiring workplace dynamic. Send a positive email to your team highlighting an employee’s especially helpful action or contribution to a project once per day to enhance your employees’ motivation and make individuals feel appreciated. Any small gestures to applaud individual contributions will significantly increase levels of workplace satisfaction and employee happiness.

  1. Commit to Your Employees’ Personal Growth and Give Them a Purpose

Internally motivated employees are inherently more positive and more productive than others because they understand the impact of their contributions, and they have a purpose to fuel their work. Set individual goals for your employees to work toward, and ensure they know you are invested in their personal growth and development. Meet with your employees individually to prepare professional and personal goals, and follow up to show the company’s commitment to their success. You can even establish a mentoring program for new hires that connects experienced professionals with hopeful recruits to start developing a purpose on the first day.

  1. Bring Variety to Spice Up the Workplace

After a while, monotonous routines, closed doors, and beige walls can chip away at even the most enthusiastic employee’s motivation and positivity. Plan small and frequent office events to bring teams together and break up the monotony of everyday work. Host unexpected luncheons, bring hallway desserts, or purchase a multitude of coffee flavors for the kitchen to incorporate a little variety into the work week. Get creative! Any small investment will help boost workplace positivity and encourage more employee productivity.

  1. Embrace a Positive Point of View

Successfully ingraining positivity into the core of your business environment starts with a positive mindset and a positive approach to management. Focus your efforts on applauding employee achievements instead of getting caught up with mistakes. Optimism and forgiveness can cultivate the positivity you desire and lead to more productive, results-oriented employees. Your own positivity can be a pervasive, influential force and you will see it reflected in your workplace environment.

Incorporate these four practices into your workplace, and watch as your employees’ positivity shines through in their work quality and overall productivity. Your employees are an important investment, and with a motivating and positive work environment, they will perform at their highest potential.

-Benjamin Cook, HR Intern, Datrose Inc.